Gold Found In Trees in West Australia

stumbled on a wonderful discovery in the Kalgoorlie region of West Australia, noting that gold from deep down in the ground water has been making it’s way up to the surface through the trees. Now, it’s no secret that minerals of all kinds have found their way up through tree roots in the past, but this is the first time something as valuable as gold (Au) has done so. The amount of gold is really small however, with the average size of a “nugget” being no larger than 1/5 of the diameter of a human hair. Still, this discovery has the potential to aid in much more exploration of the world, and perhaps will help find gold much quicker, and with far less monetary cost. Trees, in this way, are a good source of information, telling us that there is indeed gold beneath them. Pretty awesome. Anyways, that’s what I learned today. Enjoy the video above, and remember to like and share to help this daily program succeed. Believe it or not, the more people watch, the easier it actually is to do it. Thanks. [alert type=”success”]The best part about “Things I Learned Today” is the sharing element. It isn’t just about what I learned, but it’s about you as well! You can join in on the show by telling me what you learned today in the comments below! It’s fun. Join in.[/alert] [charliead]]]>

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  1. I learned that when you have Charlie horses it's common to want to stretch the muscle out. But actually, if you rub it and bring your finger and thumb together in a kind of pinching motion – it actually helps to make the pain stop. 😀


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