Conquering Kerbal Space Program – WE WANT YOU!

JOIN IN ON THE FUN! Conquering Kerbal Space Program is looking for recruits for the series, and I’m hoping some real-world followers of the series would like to join!

UPDATE: We’re utilizing different classes for Kerbals than what stock KSP offers. You can find details on all Kerbal jobs/classes available at this page:

Please include a CLASS PREFERENCE when you apply. If you leave your name without a class preference, I’ll assume you don’t care which class, and you’ll be given whatever I happen to want/need at the time.

Picking order will be as follows:
1) Priority goes to Patrons
2) Remaining names are divided into groups within Excel, based on Profession preferences. Names are then chosen for the needed profession with a random number generator. If the name selected isn’t the correct sex, a new number is rolled).

So far there are 160 names submitted including patrons… gonna be a challenge to get you all in, but I will do my very best!

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