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It has all the details you’ll need for my Patreon campaign, including the goals and rewards for you! THANKS!

Hello everyone, and thank you for watching my videos and supporting this channel! Recently I’ve had a lot of questions asked about supporting the channel, and the future of videos. Specifically, people wanting me to play more games, upload more often, and “what would it take to put more time into the channel?” Those types of questions drive me bonkers! Not because they are bad questions, but because the only answers I always seem to have to them are really things that either take an incredibly long time to grow into, or they are just answers I don’t like (because it always revolves around money, which I generally don’t like as a topic).

For this reason, I’ve decided to lauch a Patreon campaign. This is never going to be a requirement for YouTube videos, and I’ll keep producing as much as I can as often as I can – but should this campaign be successful, I will be able to put more time into things, and enjoy even more experiences with you guys, and get off and running even faster.

Even if nobody wants to be a patron, this channel will continue to operate as it has been, and I’ll keep doing this, because I simply love doing it. With your support though, things can get really awesome! I have so many ideas I want to share… you have no idea. Sometimes neither do I. That’s how many of them there are!

If you read this description… you’re even more awesome than I thought. Thank you so much for your support, your likes, comments, your subscriptions, and most importantly, your encouragement, which I wake up to every day knowing that I get to do at least a little of what I love to do every day.



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  1. HotTips! I would LOVE to donate money to you in Patreon! But the problem is…how do I do it? I lived in Malaysia and the current exchange rate is 4.09 MYR to 1 USD.


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