Conquering KSP Series Mods Update + Live Stream Announcement!

This is a quick video letting all of you know that our Mod list for the Conquering Kerbal Space Program series has now been finalized and locked! I’m not fiddling with mods anymore unless absolutely necessary, or there is a profoundly awesome reason to do so.

Mod list is located at

Also… LIVE STREAM COMING SOON! Watch video for details.

If you arenn’t familiar with the Conquering Kerbal Space Program series, you can see the playlist with the link below:

New Website:
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Conquering KSP Playlist:

SAVE MONEY ON KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM by buying it on Kinguin. I’ll receive a commission on this link, and you receive the full game for way less!

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  1. Awwww, 3pm EST? Sad day. I'll be stuck in briefings that day until 5pm central. Would absolutely love to view your stream though. Love your series, and am very grateful for your dedication to the series. I've been playing with a modified version of your modlist for a while (don't have the high res version of EVE though, only have 16GB of RAM) as it is the most fun version of the game I've played to date ^_^


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