985% NEW HARDEST DIFFICULTY – Surviving Mars – See Details In Description

Stream Starts Thursday 10am ET: twitch.tv/charliepryor

Today, the Opportunity Patch for Surviving Mars was released, and with it comes lots of changes. One of those changes includes Game Rules settings, which dramatically change the game. The new hardest difficulty is 985% – With the same location as we know and love. 🙂

I’ll be trying to tackle this difficulty THURSDAY and FRIDAY! Thursday stream starts at 10am Eastern Time at the Twitch link above. If you are confused about timezones, click this link to see what time it is currently for me right now: www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/usa/detroit

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  1. this update saw me loosing a colony, the 5-6 day dust storm followed by a 5-6 day cold period saw my colony deplete the 50 MP i had produced, then before i had managed to produce more MP the cold hit at froze all life support buildings that was still down. no energy, no water, no oxygen … RIP.

    i will actually be impressed if you manage to make a colony that survives and thrive on your chosen difficulty. the only real possibility i see, is if you get extractor AI and some great luck with the towers that repulse dust so you wont have to maintain your buildings as much.

  2. CHARLIE!!!!! Can't wait to see how insane this play through is gonna be. Also can't wait to hear your opinion on passages and some of the new quirks they've brought with them. See you in a few hours on Twitch!

  3. How did you add Colony Rules öiink to there? i have no it in there. where i can get it too?? want always time play in harder mode but no that specific link under others. ??


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