A LITTLE OUT OF CONTROL! – Surviving The Aftermath Gameplay – 13 – Let's Play Walkthrough

SURVIVING THE AFTERMATH Gameplay – Part 13: We’re playing Surviving The Aftermath, a colony builder and strategy survival game being published by Paradox. Check it out!
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Playlist For Surviving The Aftermath Gameplay

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I hope you enjoy this series. I intend to play it for as long as there is interest in it. I know this isn’t a new game, but I hope to present a style that is enjoyable, despite perhaps seeing the game before.
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  1. you said about too many children, then stop building houses ( baby makers ) & use tenements ( no babies ) then you could accept people at the gate with specialists.

  2. By the way, Charlie, I did a little digging. In regards to farming, obviously you start with corn and potatoes. Through special events, you can get seeds for peanuts, soybeans, and cabbage. It's sort of obvious from the food research tree that you can get seeds for wheat (needed to make bread), and it's obvious from the trades offered that carrot seed will also be offered. It looks like at some point flax is planned so you have another source for fibers for clothing.

    As far as insects go, you start with crickets and mealworms; and it's obvious because you find them on the world map that cockroaches are, or will be, available. There are also waxworms (actually moth larvae) and buffalo worms (actually beetle larvae). I'm not sure if you're stuck with crickets and mealworms, or if the other types of insects will be offered in a special event. (If so, that event hasn't triggered for me yet.)

    I've noticed wild boar on the map that allegedly "occasionally attack settlers" according to the tooltip (though I haven't seen it happen yet), and I filed a suggestion that you should be able to set your trappers to hunt for deer (venison) or boar (pork). We'll eventually see if they accept that suggestion. Anyway, I just thought you'd like to know.

  3. They could add multiplayer in which every player has his colony and to "win", you must be the first to reach like 500 people for X days. And you could use end game buildings to produce weapons for attacks on other colonies and outposts or for sabotaging their production (or even releasing infected rats in their food storage!). That could become a hell of a game, especially if you have to fight for resources on the map as well!


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