My Hollywood Internship With Geek & Sundry – A New Opportunity

It’s vital that college students get real world experience outside of the classroom. Throughout my time at GVSU, for example, I’ve done hundreds of hours of work that wasn’t even related to school in any way. It’s provided me with a realistic picture of what it’s like to work as a creative entrepreneur in Michigan.

But Michigan isn’t where my focus is. It had potential until Czar Snyder decided that the millions of jobs that were coming into the state wasn’t profitable enough for those who fund his campaign and fill the state’s pockets. Aside from the governor obtaining autocracy and total control of everything in the state, he’s also directly responsible for shutting down the film industry’s interests in Michigan workers, effectively halting one of the only rapidly growing industries in Michigan. So if I want to be more than just somewhat successful doing what I can do, I’ll have to get work outside this state.

It’s a bit difficult to get work far away from where you live, unless you’re willing to move. Problem is, moving is expensive and a job is never guaranteed. A good solution for students in my situation (or any former student feeling as though a career is required after graduation), is to seek out internships. These opportunities offer real-world experience, and are specifically designed to be temporary situations. Best of all (for me anyways), they can be obtained relatively easily (in comparison to a job) if you’re still going to school (and registered as a student)… and so, I’m going to Hollywood.

I’m a film production student who’s about to graduate this summer (I’ll walk at the ceremony on Saturday though). I’ve been presented with a chance to head out to the number one place for jobs in my technical community, and for the next 6 weeks I’ll be living in sunny West Hollywood. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a friend who lives in the area, so my housing/living expenses have been greatly reduced while I live there as well, making it even easier to focus on what’s important. Special thanks to Todd Bauer and his roommates for being awesome.

My internship is with a brand new company that you’ve likely never heard of before, although you’ve likely heard of a few of the people responsible for it’s creation. I’ll be working as an intern with Felicia Day‘s new company, Geek & Sundry, Inc. Their YouTube channel, which launched less than 20 days ago, will feature a wide variety of content for the hundreds of thousands of subscribers they have. You can see more of their content by visiting the Geek & Sundry website.

I’ll likely be driving to California, which is no easy trip coming from Michigan. It’s very possible I’ll be traveling with a group, but I’m also prepared to travel alone, sleeping when I’m tired, eating when I’m hungry, and taking care of business when nature demands me to do so. It’s nothing I can’t handle, and I’m excited to get started.

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I’ll be Vloging and Blogging the entire time as well, letting everyone who likes following me (thanks!) know what’s new/different/interesting about a part of the world you may not have explored before. I’ll also (as much as I’m able to) include you in some revelations I’m experiencing as far as what it’s like working in Hollywood, and any interesting stories I’ll have as well. You’ll be able to find all of those updates fast and easy by subscribing to my Facebook (Click the Subscribe button above any article), clicking LIKE on the Facebook page box to the right, or by checking in every now and again to the new “Hollywood” section in the Travel tab in the menu above. The internship will take place from May 7, 2012 – June 18, 2012.

Thank you so much for following me! I’m excited to share my experiences with everyone!

Charlie Pryor

Charlie is a media producer, writer, and a traveler. He grew up in Michigan, all of his life and attended Grand Valley State University for a B.S. in Film and Video Production. He's married to a wonderful woman named Hang, and simply hopes to one day turn himself into a man that many will remember long after he's gone.

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9 Responses

  1. Teresa Pryor says:

    Charlie did you look at flights might be cheaper than gas all the way there and back and taxi or bus when you get there

  2. Charlie's Place says:

    I cannot take a taxi or bus when I get there. It’s not reliable transportation in LA, and Taxies and rental cars are far more expensive than having my own vehicle.

  3. Charlie's Place says:

    I barely have enough for gas on the trip, and I’m relying on income later for the trip home. Having my car towed last week totally jacked my planned budget

  4. Charlie's Place says:

    It’s roughly 2100 miles total to travel, and I get roughly 21-23 miles per gallon on the freeway (where I’ll spend 95% of my time on the trip). That’ll be about 7 fill-ups in the process, seeing as though with the current specs, I get a little over 300 miles on a tank

  5. Charlie's Place says:

    Given that I’m averaging it out to 300-315 miles or so per tank (seeing that I fill up with around 14.5 gallons of fuel), at a price of $3.80 per gallon average, I’ll spend roughly $385 on fuel each way. – That’s cheaper than the $240 plane ticket + $760/month car rental.

  6. Charlie's Place says:

    … and I get to see stuff, which is cool too. – I’ll sleep in the car, and bring food with me (spending less on travel)

  7. Charlie's Place says:

    yeah, My car just hit 101,000 miles, and it needs an oil change, so I will be doing both a tune-up and an oil change before I leave. Tire pressure and all that junk should be good, since I’ve got good ol’ nitrogen in them

  8. Charlie's Place says:

    I don’t care about landmarks (although I’ll likely stop at the Grand Canyon).

  9. Charlie's Place says:

    I’ll go whichever way is cheapest. I’m giving myself a day more than I feel I need for travel, so I think it’ll be fine as far as time. I’m looking for least -expensive (which is often the path fastest traveled). I don’t know if I want to go through the whole Colorado thing with the mountains, but I’ll do it if it’s best to do so

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