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Arriving in Ho Chi Minh City

As you can probably guess from my previous post about my experience flying, I’m having a pretty good time so far. I wouldn’t say it’s a good time because of how “fun” it is, but...

UPDATE: From Train to Plane! 0

UPDATE: From Train to Plane!

Wow, what a day it has been! It has been tiring, but it’s all about to pay off. We arrived in Chicago very early in the morning, pulling into Union Station at about midnight. It...


Riding On Trains Is Pretty Cool!

So, as some of you may know, I’ve never rode on a train before. I’ve had to wait for them at crossings frequently, but never actually travelled on one. My verdict on this way of...


Bustin flat in Kalamazoo… Waiting For a Train.

We’ve arrived at the train station in Kalamazoo! Our journey to Vietnam has finally begun, and so far everything is going SMOOTH! First, we loaded a bunch of luggage into Ronney’s car (roommate). The luggage...

Packed Up and Ready to Roll! 2

Packed Up and Ready to Roll!

We’re all packed up for the trip to Vietnam! It took a little while to get everything around (Hang’s took much longer than mine, but with good reason), and now that all that has been...


Vietnam: T-minus 23 Days and Counting…

I’m very excited, and actually quite freaked out as well. I have no idea what to expect, since literally everything that happens will be new to me, including the airport security, and flying in general. Most people would be a bit surprised to read that I’ve never flown before. Never even been inside an airplane even. No helicopters or hot air balloons. I’ve never shot myself out of a cannon, or tied 1,300 balloons to my house and floated to South America. The closest I’ve been to flying, is jumping really high on a trampoline.

Vietnam Is Almost a Month Away!! 0

Vietnam Is Almost a Month Away!!

Am I nervous? You bet your ass I am! It’s bound to be an exciting journey to lands unseen (at least by my eyes). I have a lot of hopes for this trip, and a lot of worries. For the most part, all of my worries can be condensed into two groups… Money and Impression.


Purchased Ticket to Vietnam!

A status report on my trip to Vietnam. I have finally bought my ticket, so the hard part is taken care of. I have quite a few worries still though, all oriented around money.

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