Getting Wedding Photos Taken In Vietnam: Part 1

They definitely get creative with wedding photos here. More than I see typically in America anyways. The time they put in and the quality you get out, is unbelievable. From a wide variety of shots, locations, dress, moods, and a service system that caters to creativity as well as elegance and professionalism. It’s a detailed adventure of personality and love that I was happy to experience, and would love the opportunity to study.

We began in a studio, an already elegant display of success in a usually unkempt city atmosphere. The floors and walls white, as was almost every piece of furniture. About the only think that wasn’t were the few pink pillows and the large flat screen television in the first room. In one of the photos above, you can sort of see a preview of one couple’s wedding photo, which was playing in a slideshow while I sat down. This room doubles as a comfort area as well as a place to stage your look, and try on dresses, which I’ll get to in a few minutes.

When we enter the studio, we’re sat down and given a portfolio of previous shots, a standard practice in most photography studios, and with most photographers. It makes sense that you’d want to know the type of work that’s produced before selecting them to produce yours. Based on what I’m seeing immediately: these people would make a killing in the United States. The American videography style is kicking Vietnam’s ass… but as far as wedding photography goes, these guys are easily one of the better ones I’ve seen.

Upstairs, we’re shown the various wardrobe choices for the photos. Wedding photography here is a very involved process, usually taking an entire day in various locations. There are dozens of dresses to choose from, and then a small selection of jackets to choose from for the guy. The bride can choose two dresses from the collection, and the man can choose a jacket to wear. You can also, in addition to that selection, bring your own clothing. Hang is also bringing her Ao Dai, and we’ll both likely bring something more casual and common to wear as well, like engagement photos are sometimes done with.

Hang chose several dresses to model, each with a unique charm that she thought she may like. Of course, she can only choose two from the studio, and in the end the choices were quite easy. There is a pink dress, and a white dress. Neither of which I have a photo of here (can’t spoil the photos like that, right?). There is a preview of one of the dresses that were not chosen, just to show you the view of the staging area that I had when she was trying them on.

The last step here, after selecting the two dresses for the shoot, is choosing the bouquet. The stairs of the studio are lined with flowers all the way up. These flowers are actually the bouquet selection, and aren’t just decorations. Hang selected a bouquet very quickly, so I suppose that part was super easy. I did not expect the studio to be this well put together and organized. I must say, I am impressed and the level of care they’ve shown thus far. They’ve demonstrated that they know what they are doing. Let’s see what getting shot by them is like.

We’ll leave extremely early in the morning tomorrow to get these shots done. Hang will leave around 3am to start getting hair and makeup done, and I’ll follow behind her with the bus around 5:30am. The bus will pick her up, and the team that will be joining us for the shoot, and then head up north for the locations. Shooting wedding photos takes an entire day here, and a team of four to five people along with the photographer. The total cost… $1,500USD. I guarantee you’ll never find a wedding photographer in the United States willing to do this, and provide this level of service, for that price. No way.

Stay tuned for part 2, where we actually get our shots done. I’ll share a few with you here as well.

Charlie Pryor

Charlie is a media producer, writer, and a traveler. He grew up in Michigan, all of his life and attended Grand Valley State University for a B.S. in Film and Video Production. He's married to a wonderful woman named Hang, and simply hopes to one day turn himself into a man that many will remember long after he's gone.

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