Opportunity: The Story of Perfect Timing… Kinda.

For well over a year now, I’ve been working part-time at a car dealership North of Grand Rapids, MI. Although the job is generally quite easily, and very flexible, it doesn’t present the opportunity to work very much. This part time job pays a dollar above minimum wage, and cuts off at under 25 hours per week. Hardly the opportunity for financial growth. Not that I’m complaining all that much for the time during school. With classes going on, part-time is all I’d ever want to work. I can’t imagine losing more time with school work, and still trying to succeed in this lame excuse for an “investment in my future” that I’ve been paying so much money for. This income system works with being a full-time student. When it begins to lack efficiency, is in the summer. You see, I’m already working the maximum allowed hours while in school, so when summer hits, and I’m available for more hours… I won’t get them anyways… at least not without two jobs. Luckily, I’ve kinda been handed a second job. It’s for the same company, which is why I use the word “kinda” in this situation, because it’s still only one paycheck, but it’s divided between my regular dealership, and another, much bigger one downtown. Working at both places, I can easily accrue overtime as well, so I have an even better chance of making enough to support my trip to Vietnam as well, which comes in just three short weeks. It’s really a very fortunate situation, and I’m going to pretty much become a tired, grumpy, workaholic until the week is over, and then get back to it once again on Monday! Yay!]]>

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