Here's a List Of Some Things Wrong With Our American Systems Today!

Problem number 1: Politics It’s not really difficult to see that politics has it’s problems, but there are a lot more issues with certain parts of politics that need to be addressed before it’s too late. Things like our voting system, which doesn’t ¬†actually count everyone as equal. You may not have realized it, but in Michigan, your vote is actually worth more than people in California, but not nearly as much as people in Ohio. In fact, your vote isn’t really even all that important, and according to the way this system is structured, because of something known as the Electoral College. If you aren’t sure what that is, or have never heard of it before, the maker of the video below has also made a video explaining that as well, which you can find HERE. Under this voting system, which is still how it works today, a person could potentially win the Presidential Election when 78% of the population voted against them. Don’t believe that could be true? Watch this: It’s pretty messed up right? The Electoral College needs to be abolished. it’s not a fair system at all.

Problem number 2: Our government wastes money, and kills our economy.
Contrary to what you are perhaps being told (or maybe not), the root cause of our economy’s downfall is the fault of our own government, and the people that we may (or as seen above, may not have) elected into office to represent us in the first place (Bush). The government has done this in a couple of ways: By printing too much money to pay off debts and loans, and by continuously wasting money on money itself. These two examples may seem a bit confusing. To summarize, the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE CORPORATION that prints our money. They are a FOR PROFIT institution that prints our money, and directly effects our economical system. When the government is short on cash, they simply print more (which makes our dollar weaker due to the fact that there is now more of them in circulation). To further explain, watch this video: Funny how everybody does all this stuff to damage the innocent citizens, yet only the innocent citizens are stuck actually paying their bills. Everyone else, either prints money, or gets a bailout using newly printed money. Awesome! The second example, was wasting money printing money. This involves something that is very simple, and should have already been done: Stop making pennies. Seems simple enough right? It takes nearly 2 cents to make every 1 cent penny, and nobody ever needs them. Think about it… do we need pennies? Really? As the video, also by CGPGrey on YouTube. Seriously.. just stop making them please. Thanks!
Problem number 3: Corporations rule the land, not the people.
With the Occupy Wall Street movement gaining so much publicity, it’s probably something you already had in your mind. That is, unless you or somebody close to you is one of “the 1%” that people are talking about, in which case your opinion doesn’t matter, because you’re completely bias on the topic. In fact, at that point, you are the special interest group that has interior motives to abuse money… so yeah, you’re who they are complaining about I guess. There is a small chance that you aren’t rich and powerful, and that you still don’t agree that corporations rule this country, and not you… in which case, I’ll leave you to your ignorance. These are just some of the things wrong with America. MANY more things are going to be in my rant, whenever I actually get done with it. (video credits:¬†CGPGrey on YouTube. I highly recommend subscribing to him). [charliead]]]>

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