Prosecutor Jailed and Fined After Convicting An Innocent Man So what’s the result of all of this? Surely Ken Anderson is getting punished for destroying a life, right? Well Anderson will be disbarred, effectively ruining his career in law. He also must spend 10 days in jail, is fined $500, and perform 500 hours of community service. Wait… $500? That’s… that’s it? You’re kidding right? This guy was an attorney for 30 years, 25 of which occurred after putting this innocent guy behind bars by hiding critical evidence, an act which he clearly is showing no remorse for, and doesn’t believe was misconduct. An 18 year old kid can go to jail for half a decade on a first time possession offense for a harmless naturally growing plant, but this guy can completely ruin a life and a family, and get this? What of the actual killer? They’ve been free to kill more for 25 years, and have since taken an extra life. They’ve been free to experience the beautiful things in life. They got to live through everything that Michael Morton didn’t, because of this guy. Now Morton can also seek financial compensation from the state as a result of this as well, and that’s likely the best course of action seeing as Texas pays out $80,000 for every year that a person spent behind bars. There is also an annual annuity paid out as well, which is in line with the average working wage. Those who are exonerated in that state are also provided with job training, tuition credits, and adequate medical and dental coverage. Michael is also working with a film crew that’s immortalizing his story through a documentary film. The trailer is below: What do you guys think of this story? Is justice really possible here? What should be done differently, let me know in your comments below. [alert type=”success”]The best part about “Things I Learned Today” is the sharing element. It isn’t just about what I learned, but it’s about you as well! You can join in on the show by telling me what you learned today in the comments below! It’s fun. Join in.[/alert] [charliead]]]>

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