Hollywood Driving Date Moved To Saturday So I Can See Hang's Graduation

I walked at GVSU’s graduation last weekend). It was bothering me that I was going to have to miss such a milestone in her life because of some unpaid internship 2100 miles away, which just happened to start a day too early for me to make both. Luckily, I didn’t have to miss it. I was contacted via email on Wednesday that I should start on the following Wednesday, instead of the coming Monday. Since the start date has been pushed back by two days, it gives me two extra days to spend here in Michigan. Therefore, instead of leaving Thursday May 3rd, as originally stated before, I’m leaving Saturday May 5th. Since Hang’s graduation ceremony is Saturday morning, it means that I no longer had to miss it. Originally, she knew I wasn’t able to make it. However, I chose to wait to announce this little change in my schedule, so that I could surprise her by showing up. Now, if you’re reading this the same day I published it, that means I’m leaving today, and I may already be on the road. If you are reading this sometime after, well… thanks for stopping by, and I hope it was a cool read for you! It fills me with a lot of warmth to be able to see her complete her academic journey; moving on to the next amazing chapter of her life as a professional woman in the the most powerful country in the world. Then, after getting to do something I was going to regret not being able to do, I get to start my own journey toward the place I’ve always wanted to go to: Hollywood. Same thing applies as I said before about the trip. I’m still going to update a lot, and blog, and make videos, and all that stuff. Lots of stories still coming, just like Vietnam and Cuba, and all the other updates on places I go to (which I’m not done writing about by the way). Only thing that’s changed, is that it all begins two days later than it was going to. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE on Facebook by clicking the buttons above the articles, or by clicking “Like” in the Facebook box to the right. You’ll find all videos created in the VLOG section, or you can SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE to get updates on videos that way as well. Thanks for stopping in! [charliead]]]>

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