The Second Wedding: The Pryors Are Going To Vietnam

virtually the same trip, actually. The difference this time is only in regard to the stops we make along the way. I have no doubts that my family will experience something unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before. A world that is entirely different from they have even known, and memories they will have with them for the rest of their lives. Much like the effects that this had on me a couple of years ago, this is sure to not only increase their overall awareness of the world around them, but it should ground them in a better understanding of Hang’s culture, beliefs, and lifestyle growing up. They’ll gain a perspective that isn’t able to be gained through books, or movies, or television programming on the Travel Channel or Food Network. Actually being there is simply irreplaceable. I’ve learned this from numerous places I’ve been to. Places like Vietnam. Like Indonesia. Like Cuba. My mother has been excited for a while now, and my grandmother thinks of the trip constantly. Every time I visit my parents, I see the emotions about this trip growing. My mother has an inquisitive nature to know everything that shows me her longing for this adventure, and my brother’s ever building excitement to venture into parts of the world that none of his friends and classmates will ever see themselves brings me happiness as well. About the only person I haven’t seen much adventurous spirit in so far is my father, who’s excitement is either masked by a caution for the unknown, or a worried mind lead by persistent thoughts of finances. Either way, such emotions are temporary for him… he may not know it yet, but he will soon enough. SEE MORE: A Video Tour of Hang’s Home In Vietnam Of course, since I carry with me the art of storytelling, I will be looking to capture as much of this trip as possible, and share every experience possible right here on the blog. If you don’t already LIKE THIS FACEBOOK PAGE, and you want to follow me… you’re simply doing it wrong. That page posts everything this blog writes the moment it is available. You can also follow me ON FACEBOOK or ON TWITTER if you want more than just the blog (I’m not judging, I happen to think I’m a fairly interesting person). Basically everything I post here will be automatically shared to every social network I’m connected with, so as long as you’re following me someplace, you’ll get the articles. Obviously, for those of you who follow my “Things I Learned Today” show, I will not be uploading any new videos for that series for quite some time as a result of this trip. Every video I post will be uploaded to MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL, which you should also subscribe to (it helps me in more ways than you know). I encourage all of you to comment using the field below, so that I can read and interact with what you say if you want to leave me messages. You can use the social media buttons to seamlessly connect your social account to this blog, making registration as simple as a few clicks. Thanks for following my family and I as we journey once again to Southeast Asia. I look forward to sharing more adventures with you soon. [charliead]]]>

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  1. This is a trip of a lifetime. Something I get to share with my mom… She is so excited… Thanks for meeting this wonderful girl Hang… She is awesome.

  2. Hey Charlie,
    This seems like a great point in your life, I have also been the reason my family has left the the States for the first time before. And actually my mother is visiting me in Sweden tomorrow because me and my wife just had our first son and her first grand child. Anyway, I know how much it means when people leave comments so I thought I would speak up and not just be a lurker as is so easy to do when reading blogs and personal websites. I would love to have as much skill as you when creating things like this and promoting my interests online, but I am stuck trying to innovate the blogger format. I have a website for Arabic learners at {REDACTED}, but it is also a place to keep people interested informed of my happenings. Ok, take care, and have a good day.


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