QOTD: Name Five People You Would Like To Meet, Dead or Alive. Why?

Name Five People You Would Like To Meet, Dead or Alive. Why did you choose them? This one’s easy for me, although I don’t have a particular order for it. It’s just a list.

Some of these guys, I choose because of their brilliant minds and their innovative spirt. They conceptualized the future of our world, and pushed themselves and others to limits they never knew in order to achieve their dreams. Then, I chose Jim Carrey and Tom Hanks because they are actors that never fail to capture my attention, with Carrey’s amazing sense of humor and comedic genius, and Hanks’ inescapable ability to completely capture such a wide variety of characters. I’d love to know more about their lives and what makes them the way they are. I would sure like to meet them someday, and I’d have quite a few questions of my own to ask. [charliead]

Your Turn

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  1. Thinking on the spot. : 1) John F Kennedy. I want to learn for myself if he was as dynamic as history as made him out to be. 2) Donald Trump. I want to learn more about how he visualizes investment opportunities, determines the risks/successes, and how he truly handles failures. 3) Rosa Parks, so I can experience through her eyes how she was treated and how she learned to stand up for herself. 4) ok, Cheesy for some, Marilynn Monroe so I can learn for myself her personality and sex appeal. 5) , Last but most important Jesus. I want to discuss his faith and how he explains his belief in God and how he explains the ongoing strife in the world.

  2. MY 5
    1) Jim Carrey he us so funny I want to meet him before I die.
    2) Ellen she is so giving and makes me happy when I’m feeling down she just has a way about her.
    3) Ann and Nancy Wilson I want to get on stage and sing with them.
    I can’t think of 5
    Only 3 if I think of two more…ill post them

  3. This is actually kinda hard.
    My five would be….in not particular order
    1. George Washington Carver. Just to dig his mind about how and why eh mastermind alternative crops and shaped a new road for farm families and agriculture.
    2. Linus Torvalds. For without his work we wouldn’t have what we have today in the computing work.
    3. Steve Jobs. To simply ask him. Why iPhone?
    4. Rodney Carington because he is my favorite comedian ever, and he can sing.
    5. B.B. King. I love his music.


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