Which Looney Tune Would You Shoot?

You’ve got one gun, and only one shot. Before you, is all of the Looney Tunes. You have to shoot one. Which do you shoot? Don’t cheat here. We all know many of you wouldn’t shoot any of them because they’re all awesome or some bull like that. Don’t be that way. Play along. I’d probably shoot Elmer Fudd, because he’s really the only Looney Tune I can think of that actually spends most of his time trying to kill something for sport. Sure, the coyote does it with road runner and stuff, but that’s for food, and a natural enemy. Fudd’s just a redneck asshole looking to do it for the sport. He’s the only Looney Tune I can think of that actually has a solid chance at defending himself against me, in terms of me trying to kill him. So, I’m not picking on somebody that’s defenseless here (although his skills with a rifle are questionable). On top of that, he’s trying to kill off the most popular character of the Looney Universe. Can’t have that. Just can’t. [charliead]

Your Turn

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