Which Disney Characters Do You Choose?

Choose THREE Disney characters. You have to SAVE one of their lives, Kill one, and spend the rest of your life married to one. What are your choices, and why? The first one I thought of here, right away, was Jafar. I would totally kill that asshole. He’s just a douche. Then, I’ll optimize my impact in the world by saving Simba from Scar, thereby stopping Scar from getting his way as well. Plus, Simba will become king of the freakin jungle, so that’s a pretty powerful dude to have owing me favors for saving his life. Now, that was a close one actually, because I briefly considered saving Blue from the Jungle book. In the end though, I realized the importance of Simba compared to that bear. But now… who will I marry? Which Disney character would I find most interesting to spend my life with? That was a contest for a little while as I contemplated Princess Jasmine (for the body, obviously). But then I thought about maybe Cinderella… she’s all timid and whatnot, so she’s unlikely a person that’ll talk down on me. Plus, have you seen that woman clean? Haha, okay ladies, I’m just kidding chill out. Actually, I’ve decided to marry Mulan. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “you can’t stay away from these asians can you?” Actually, that’s not it at all. I actually chose her because she wasn’t like those other princesses that Disney attempts to tell us is perfect. Mulan is a fighter, defending her families honor and becoming a legend on the battlefield. She’s hot, smart, strong, and she’s not scared to fight in a freakin war. That’s game over right there Jasmine, I’m sorry. Maybe I’m strange. I think weird things. Thanks for playing! 🙂 [charliead]

Your Turn

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