My Grandmother Sees the Ocean For The First Time At the Age of 75

on this trip so far. She doesn’t get to experience any of the activities that we’re doing here, and never has she experienced another culture outside of the United States. If she were here alone, it would be total culture shock. She’s not alone, of course, and she always has somebody around to keep her company, but that doesn’t take much away from the immense differences she’s having to take in while she’s here. This place is full of exotic (to her) foods, music, people, languages, and more. Even the weather here is new for her (being really warm all the time does tend to wear her out a bit though). The most wonderful joy of all of this though, is that I can be a part of all of these new things with her. The excitement on her face with each and every new thing is really making it all worth it for my family. She’ll have so many stories to tell her friends at the senior center back home. They probably won’t believe some of the stories she’ll have… until, of course, they visit this site. 🙂 [charliead]]]>

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  1. Awe…..this is so touching! Thank you for letting us experience this as well. Every video makes me feel joy and some even bring tears to my eyes. Glad you are all having a wonderful time and so glad Grandma was able to go with you!! Tell her to watch out for sharks! Haha! Just kidding. Don't even mention them! Love you all!! And many, many thanks to Hang's family for taking care of all of you!


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