Nick Pryor vs "Danger Pepper" At Vinpearl Island

danger pepper It’s just a little guy! – Click to enlarge[/caption] The pepper’s name translates to “The danger pepper”, and it was apparently much hotter than the hot sauce. It’s just a tiny little pepper they normally place in their soup to increase the spiciness of the meal. Normally, just a single pepper can increase the spice for the soup, but they don’t normally just bite half of it (eating, of course, the seeds as well). [charliead] I’m sure this experience won’t deter him from trying new foods in the future of this trip, but I imagine he’ll likely want more than a single opinion about the food before taking the dive next time. :)]]>

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  1. My husband got ahold of one in his food when we ate at a Thai restaurant in Chicago once. He thought he was going to die. And his brother had warned him not to eat any of these. Milk or sour cream is a good cooling drink for future knowledge

  2. Yeah, totally recovered after a short time. It's an ongoing joke here around meals though. That part will take a little longer to recover from.


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