Here Are Our Chosen 31 Vietnam Wedding Photos (Raw Gallery)

Photo credit:ย แป’ Production
Photo credit:ย แป’ Production

We started things off at the beach… or at least, an ‘almost beach’ near the coast. The ground was still grass and a wooded area surrounded the land. Hang had chosen beach and nature, choices that influenced the location decisions of our photographer. We didn’t choose the locations; he did. We don’t know enough about the land to actually make those decisions, and he’s been doing this long enough to know better than us for sure.
This photo, I assume, was shot right behind some leaves of a tree, giving a green essence within the image as the focal point aimed for beyond it. I remember I had said something a little cute here to get a genuine smile from Hang here as I held her close. I don’t remember if this was a ‘posed’ shot, or if we were getting ready to pose. It looks natural enough not to matter, and she is super beautiful, as she always is.

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