BROKEN and INTERROGATION – Detroit: Become Human – 06 – Blind Gameplay

Detroit Become Human Blind Gameplay – Part 06: Today we continue our adventure in Detroit: Become Human, a Let’s Play all about choices, and questioning what it means to be “alive.” Gameplay is BLIND
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  1. I've watched other YT's do this play through…. you are the one with the magic happening…. it is so interesting to see the different kind of choices that people make… oh, hmm, you wanted a question… oh.. I got it… can you restrain yourself from keep playing this game??? I mean, every time I reach the end of the episode: You can't end it here!!! I want more! Anyways, keep it up. I luve it. πŸ™‚

  2. So glad you’re enjoying this Charlie! You should totally do at least one more play through to explore different choices. And then check out the memes of this game- they’re hilarious!

  3. OK. Open and fair comment, this is not my first viewing of a play through of this game … BUT , you are making different choices, choices i would choose rather than the choices I saw on the first play through. And IT IS SO MUCH BETTER !! Thanks – HB


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