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Prison Architect 2.0 – Ep 97 – Grant Objectives Completed – Let’s Play

Let’s Play Prison Architect 2.0 – EPISODE 97. In this episode… we’ve expanded to cover the requirements of the final grant, and I’ve got pretty much all of the land I want to cover with buildings on it now. ———- Support Charlie on Patreon: Prison Architect 2.0 Outdoor Prison Playlist: Follow Charlie on […]

REAPERS COVE WALKTHROUGH (3) – Part 71 – Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive – Tactician Gameplay

Definitive Edition Tactician Gameplay – Part 71 – This is a co-op experience taking place Mondays and Tuesdays, starting around 7pm EST. Live streams live streams are shared here on YouTube in segments. If you are lost, and want an intro to our characters, see “Part 0” which posted alongside episode 1: My partner […]

Let's Play Surviving Mars – Ep 02 – Mars City Builder and Survival – Gameplay (1440p)

Let’s Play Surviving Mars – Episode 2: Today’s Surviving Mars Gameplay, we’re building our first dome in Surviving Mars, and welcoming our first passenger rocket. Will they survive on Mars? 👇 SEE MORE BELOW 👇 Surviving Mars Gameplay Playlist: This series begins with a pre-release copy of the game. Subscribe to Charlie for more: […]

Two Point Hospital Gameplay – Part 10 – Super Fun Struggles – Let's Play (1440p)

Two Point Hospital Gameplay – Part 10: We got ourselves into the healthcare industry in the most humorous way ever, in this spiritual successor to Theme Hospital. This mini-series was streamed LIVE on Twitch: HOTTIPS! CHANNEL REBRANDED! Learn more: ——————————– SUPPORT CHARLIE On Patreon: Today’s GAME BUNDLES! Today’s Awesome Deal: […]

Let's Play Mass Effect: Andromeda – Ep 48 – Conflict Resolutions Part 1 – Gameplay

LET’S PLAY MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA – EPISODE 48 – Ryder meets with “Knight” – the leader of an anti-AI group hiding out on Kadara, and a person who’s planning a major operation against the Nexus ————– Charlie Website: Mass Effect: Andromeda Playlist: SUPPORT Charlie ——————————– Ad-blockers stunt channel growth. Consider turning yours off, […]

Skyrim SE – Hana's Story – Chapter 06 – The Secrets Under Saarthal SKYRIM DEMOCRACY SERIES: In Episode 6, Tolfdir has asked Hana and the other apprentices at the College of Winterhold to meet him in Saarthal, the site of an ongoing excavation by the college. Heading west to find the site, Hana’s adventures continue reshaping the course of history… This entire episodic series is assembled from […]

Charlie Random Stream – Stress testing 1440p60 Live Stream, and Skyrim Mod List

It’s random, and it’s a testing stream. Can I stream in 1440p at 60fps with my internet connection? Let’s find out!… Also, is the new modlist stable? We’ll test that quick as well. This stream is not likely to appear on YouTube once completed. VIEW THE SKYRIM SERIES DETAILS AND BACKSTORY HERE: Support […]

Tomb Raider Gameplay (Hard) – Part 17 – The Hero – Let's Play (1440p)

Tomb Raider Gameplay – Part 17: Tomb Raider explores the intense origin story of Lara Croft and her ascent from a young woman to a hardened survivor. This series continues LIVE on Twitch, and the on-demand videos appear here on YouTube: HOTTIPS! CHANNEL REBRANDED! Learn more: ——————————– SUPPORT CHARLIE On Patreon: Today’s […]

MAKING THAT MONEY – Software Inc Gameplay Part 13 – Let's Play Walkthrough

Let’s Play Software Inc Gameplay – Software Inc. is basically the Rimworld of business simulation games, and we’re managing Pryor Media, our new company, which will conquer the world! 👇 SEE MORE BELOW 👇 Add Charlie’s Stream schedule to your Google Calendar! Live on Twitch Weekdays at 12pm EST: SOFTWARE INC Gameplay Playlist: […]

FALLOUT CITY BUILDER! – Surviving The Aftermath Gameplay – 01 – Let's Play Walkthrough

SURVIVING THE AFTERMATH Gameplay – Part 1: We’re playing Surviving The Aftermath, a colony builder and strategy survival game being published by Paradox. Check it out! ——– Add Charlie’s Stream schedule to your Google Calendar! Playlist For Surviving The Aftermath Gameplay ——————————– SUPPORT CHARLIE On Patreon: JOIN on YouTube and get perks! […]

SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION – Prison Architect Psych Ward Gameplay – 25 – Let's Play

Prison Architect PSYCH WARD – Part 25: We’re building a CRAZY prison for crazy people, with the new Prison Architect Psych Ward DLC on PC, recently released by Paradox! ——– Add Charlie’s Stream schedule to your Google Calendar! Playlist For Prison Architect Psych Ward Gameplay MODS: None ——————————– SUPPORT CHARLIE On Patreon: […]

MARKUS: CAPITOL PARK – Detroit: Become Human – 23 – Blind Gameplay Let’s Play

Detroit Become Human Blind Gameplay – Part 23: Today we continue our adventure in Detroit: Become Human, a Let’s Play all about choices, and questioning what it means to be “alive.” Gameplay is BLIND 👇 SEE MORE BELOW 👇 Add Charlie’s Stream schedule to your Google Calendar! Playlist For Detroit Become Human Gameplay […]