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Prison Architect Gang War – Ep 02 – Segregating Gangs – Gameplay / Let’s Play (1440p)

This series is recorded LIVE on Twitch: Prison Architect GANG WAR Project – Episode 2: Today we’re continuing our Prison Architect Gang War Project with segregation. How do we segregate gangs in Prison Architect? Well, that’s the goal here. This is how you segregate gangs. Currently there are no mods active, but that doesn’t […]

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Surviving Mars 535% HARDEST DIFFICULTY – Part 01 – Paradox, Futurist – Gameplay (1440p)

Surviving Mars HARDEST DIFFICULTY 535% – Part 1: This is the hardest difficulty bonus possible in Surviving Mars! This is a series recorded live on Twitch.. It’s upload here in edited segments. 👇 SEE MORE BELOW 👇 Recorded live on Twitch weekdays. See Twitch page for schedule: Surviving Mars 535% Difficulty Playlist: How […]

Prison Architect Season 4 – Ep 02 – New Game Interactions – 15b Gameplay (1440p)

Prison Architect Season 4 – Episode 2: Today we’re examining a rebalanced Prison Architect, and showcasing some new interactive variables for the live chat to influence the game with! This series continues LIVE and posts edited versions to YouTube: MODS: Just “All In One Deluxe Edition” and “No Stump” HOTTIPS! CHANNEL REBRANDED! Learn more: […]

Prison Architect 2.0 – Ep 02 – Expansion – Let’s Play

Let’s Play Prison Architect 2.0 – EPISODE 2. In this episode, we’re getting started with an expansion project that’ll hopefully get our project off smoothly… but prisoners are unpredictable. ———- Support Charlie on Patreon: Prison Architect 2.0 Outdoor Prison Playlist: ———- Prison Architect is a game where you plan and design a prison […]

Prison Architect Gang War – Ep 05 – FINALE – Gameplay / Let’s Play (1440p)

This series is recorded LIVE on Twitch: Prison Architect GANG WAR Project – Episode 5: The Rise a. Currently there are no mods active. It is only the beta version of the game, as it comes. Subscribe to Charlie for more: ——————————– SUPPORT Charlie On Patreon: Today’s GAME BUNDLES! TODAY’S BIG […]