Walking Sales People Annoy the Crap Out of Me!

One thing I will say is AWESOME about living in America is the lack of walking sales people trying to solicit crap all the time. It’s just insanely rude and I will never buy anything from them. I understand it’s how they make money… but it’s how they have CHOSEN to make money. Maybe they aren’t good at anything else (or this), but there is simply no excuses for ruining my good time and awesome moments just because they want to get a dollar out of me for some postcards, or reefs, or whatever. I never thought I would be annoyed by a person so much that I wanted to punch them in a matter of minutes. Here we are, on the island paradise of Bali, living it up and having a great time on an awesome Asian vacation. We traveled up a mountain today with some great views of the wildlife, and the volcanoes. It was beautiful and we were having a great time… until…

They came together like a wave from hell. Two young people, and two older adults… begging for us to buy postcards. They literally ignore anybody that says “no” and will simply repeat their request for your attention. I repeated “no, I don’t want anything” with hand and head gestures that any language could understand over and over again… it didn’t help. These people literally ruined my experience in this beautiful area enough to where I stopped looking around and taking pictures… and just went and sat in the van. I needed to get away from their ridiculousness. I just don’t care for anybody that doesn’t give any respect to my wishes, or my commands.

Do they honestly believe I’m going to buy something from them when they piss me off? The only thing I wanted to give them was a fist to the face. This has happened so many times since I’ve been here, and it’s one of the bigger negatives of traveling to Southeast Asia so far… people ruining your experience with stupid crap you don’t want.



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  1. Don’t let that get to you… Walk away… Enjoy yourself.. Ignore them… Take more pictures… They look great… and peaceful…

    1. You don’t get it, there is really a way to ignore these people. They get in your face, some even grab at you until you pay attention, and then still do it until you buy something from them. It literally prevents you from doing what you want to do. They are pathetic human beings.
      Walking away isn’t exactly a good option, because I don’t want to leave the area, I want to be there. That’s the point. It drives you to leave the places you want to be in.

  2. You’ve never been to Vegas and met the “card clickers”. They line the sidewalk of Las Vegas Blvd. clicking these “trading cards” in your face advertising Ladies of the Evening! Hahaha!!
    Push them away. Maybe they will get the idea. Or do you have a can of mace?

    1. Don’t really know German… or another language fluently for that matter. I suppose I could easily fake it though, since I have no interest in communicating with them anyways.


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