Great Food At a Surfer's Beach… Great New Beer As Well!

Lots of beaches in Bali, surprisingly, really aren’t all that great. The ones that are (located in the heart of all the tourist areas of course) are usually populated with foreigners, and the prices for everything is way up. Occasionally, however, people come across spots on this island that are known to attract tourists, but continue to maintain halfway decent prices. This particular location (sorry, I cannot remember the name… if Ela reads this, perhaps she can let me know and I can fill in the blank here), is one of them. [- EDIT: It’s Canggu Beach. Thanks Ela] Along the beach, there is a small area where a few restaurants are located. The area, known for it’s decent waves for surfing, attracts athletic individuals from all over the area, including Australia, who are looking for a good time in the water. The food was pretty good, and they also featured average prices on beer, with the exception of one: Bintang. Bintang is a local beer, and you will not find it exported very far away (no, its not in the USA). The local beer actually tasted quite good, and if I had the choice between it and Bud Light (my current favorite), I’d choose this. I’m writing this article over 10 days after drinking it, so I cannot really describe it much in detail, but it was smooth, and it was good. Before you crazy people who like to add lime and that stuff to your beverages get any crazy ideas… don’t bother. This beer is best just the way it is, and you’ll ruin the flavor completely with that fruity nonsense. Just dont try weird things with it. Sometimes you can do strange things with beer and have it turn out wonderful, like when I did THIS, but don’t do anything to this one.

The location was also an excellent place to get a view of the sunset. Here are some photos from the night. I’m exceptionally proud of the Bintang beer shot (so much so, that I actually feel it’s necessary to put a watermark on it! :D) [charliead] ]]>

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  1. Excelent job Charlie. I love the pic with the Bitang beer…. along with all the other pics and descriptions. Thank you for taking us along with you…. seems real romantique …… If you werent in love before the trip (which I know you were), I would bet you are really in love now…. With Hang, that is…. 🙂 What a wonderful gift she has given you. Love you!


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