Really Great Views At Tanah Lot – Bali, Indonesia

There are a ton of little temples, shrines, and sacred places all over Indonesia. It’s such an old land (but a young nation) that the history of the people here go way back to when time had a “BC” after it. So it pretty much stands to reason that there would be huge relics and special locations to display such times throughout the history of the people… and this was one of them. We went to Tanah Lot, a sacred place in Bali which houses a temple atop some small cliffs in the middle of the water (it’s not really very far out… you can walk to it in ankle-high water). It was a beautiful view and seemingly friendly people, aside from, once again, walking salespeople attempting to pull us away from the time we were having to focus on their measly little over-priced nicknacks. The only people who were trying to sell things that weren’t actually annoying were the photographers, who understood “no thanks” pretty much right away, and were really nice about it. So… we got a picture with him after all: As I said above, the place features a temple atop a rock in the middle of the water, which is sacred and is only accessed for prayer. They allowed us to go up a little ways to see the cliffs, but we were not permitted very high, and we could only even go as far as we did after washing our hands and faces in the “holy water” that was pouring through the small cave in the side of the rocks. After that, we got more water thrown in our faces, little bits of rice stuck to our foreheads, and a flower stuck in our ears (the wind took mine almost immediately after we left the cave). Here are some picture for ya. Remember, just click on them to see them larger. There were also a bunch of crabs on many parts of the rock surface, so you’d have to watch your step if you were in sandals (like me), unless you don’t mind a little crab pinch here and there on your feet. It was actually really hard to spot them sometimes, because they are very good at blending in with the rocks. See if you can see the two crabs from the photos below I took when I was able to spot them in the rocks: (Note that these pictures are full size so you can search easier, rather than sized down like the rest of the photos. You may want a fast Internet connection to load these massive images). In case you couldn’t find them, here’s the answers to the FIRST CRAB and the SECOND CRAB [charliead] ]]>

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