Eating By the Rice Paddies – Bebek Tepi Sawah

There are a lot of fantastic restaurants in Bali, and in Indonesia in general. Among the list of my favorite places so far, you can find a little place located out in the middle of nowhere (seemingly) in Bali, in the area of Ubud, Bali. There is also an awesome resort near it that offers amazing service as well, as per their website (I didn’t visit the resort and cannot comment further). It’s likely the resort was better than our hotel, given that it’s a four star.. but oh well!

Known for it’s fantastic visuals, wonderful service, and of course great food, Bebek Tepi Sawah is a location I recommend for anybody traveling to Bali. Although it’s not actually located “in the tourist areas,” the restaurant is quite frequently hit with tourists from all over the world with their reputation. It was recommended to us by Ela’s mom, who, combined with the efforts of a friend with the car we were driving, is pretty much responsible for our smooth tour of Bali in such a short time. I’ll get to showing you more of Bali later, but for now… back to the duck!

“Bebek” is “Duck” in english. The name of the restaurant pretty much means “duck on the edge of the rice fields” and that’s pretty much what we did. The restaurant’s scenery was beautiful as we were surrounded by trees, stone sculptures, and of course we had an excellent view of the rice fields as well. As you will also notice, the “seats” for guests is actually more of a raised hut with a table. Worded this way, it sounds a bit shabby, but I asure it it’s nothing of the sort. The uniqueness, as far as I’m concerned, is an improvement for any traveler looking to experience Bali. The food was also delicious, although with many people in your party, the tables aren’t quite big enough for all dishes to be placed, and sometimes they’ll need to stack a bit to get them all with you. We had to do some minor stacking ourselves, with just the three of us. It isn’t really all that big of a deal though, and the prices are actually very reasonable, given the experience we got from it (also, an important note… they have wonderful bathrooms, which could occasionally be difficult to find in these parts). Check out a few pictures of everything below: [charliead] ]]>

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