What Happens When You Drop Paper Airplanes From the Edge of Space?

Project Space Planes“, which involved some guys in Germany releasing a bunch of paper airplanes, and allowing them to fly, from 37km off the ground. For those who want a more relative measurement of how high that is, it’s practically the edge of space. Get much higher and things will start floating instead of flying. 🙂 On each SD card contained messages from those who were following the project from the website, so anyone who found a plane would also get a nice message as well. Loading up these SD cards would also give people an idea of what it was and who it was from, and give the guys behind this awesome experiment an idea of where all of their planes landed. The results are amazing. Almost every continent on the planet had at least somebody finding a plane. I don’t know what the world records for “longest flight” and “farthest distance flown” for paper airplanes actually are, but some of these, if not all of them, have to have surpassed them. [alert type=”success”]The best part about “Things I Learned Today” is the sharing element. It isn’t just about what I learned, but it’s about you as well! You can join in on the show by telling me what you learned today in the comments below! It’s fun. Join in.[/alert] [charliead]]]>

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