Guy Makes A Bomb Using Only Materials Purchased AFTER Airport Security

Terminal Cornucopia” (real name “Evan Booth”) was able to successfully build this explosive in under 7 minutes (after you discount the part where he makes a mistake). 7 minutes, and he has what he’s calling a FRAGGuccino. Evan has made several items that can be considered deadly, such as a crossbow and even a remotely triggered incendiary suitcase, all using only items found after airport security. Doesn’t sound like it’s very secure after all. Basically, the condom has water in it, which is then broken when he throws the mug. This water then shorts out the battery, which in turn generates enough heat to ignite the can of Axe. That makes the mug dangerous, and as you can see… explosive. Will this change how airport security works? Will they be on the lookout for suspicious people trying to make these things? Thankfully, some of the bits in the video are sorta assembled off-camera, but now that this process is out in the open it won’t take more than a basic assemble and chemistry knowledge for a person to replicate this. It’s highly unlikely Evan Booth is a threat to national security, but that doesn’t mean somebody else isn’t. Keep your eyes open for people having these ingredients together. It only costs about $30 to buy every item you see here, after passing through security (with the exception of the little blue cutter, which will pass security anyways. [charliead]]]>

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