I Have Bad Teeth and Need Glasses Because of Genetics

On this final episode of “Things I Learned Today” for the year, I’m talking about me, and how there were things I didn’t really know about myself until a professional told me so. This is also the first episode ever recorded that didn’t have a script before hand. :) Apparently, I have bad teeth and I need glasses because of genetics. Woot!

It’s been at least 3-4 years since I’ve been to a dentist, which in hindsight likely was a terrible idea off the get go. However, I didn’t have any insurance to cover such things, so I simply didn’t go. Now that I do, I figured it was time to make it happen. Turns out, it was a great idea, as the video above will explain.

I also took an eye exam, because I have vision that’s not quite equal with my left and right eyes. Basically, they can’t focus the same distances, so I end up with headaches when I read, or look at a computer for a while. This was also a very educational visit, as I discovered exactly what was wrong with my vision, and that it’s actually a genetic deal… meaning my kids later may also have a similar thing. I was also told that it’s correctable, if I take steps to get it taken care of early. View the full story in the video above.

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How long has it been since you’ve gone to the dentist, and have you ever been surprised by any health-related news in the past? Let me know in your comments down below.

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Charlie Pryor

Charlie is a media producer, writer, and a traveler. He grew up in Michigan, all of his life and attended Grand Valley State University for a B.S. in Film and Video Production. He's married to a wonderful woman named Hang, and simply hopes to one day turn himself into a man that many will remember long after he's gone.

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  1. Roseyferg says:

    I have similar vision issues but always thought it was related to my head injuries. Now, I wonder….. I am near sighted. Can’t see distance so well. It’s my left eye that is bad. I had a doc actually suggest I split my script – to have my right eye script for things up close and my left eye script for things far away. That gave me a headache just thinking about it. Thanks for the reminder, I need to schedule an appt. as for my teeth, I see the dentist three times a year – so all has been good there.

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